About US

Bolt Contact Center’s advantages:

Fully bicultural and bilingual staff
Our staff has spent most of their lives in the United States. 90% of them have at least a high school diploma and are very familiar with the U.S. culture.
Cost reduction without sacrificing quality
We stand up to the American standard of service, while offering more than 40% in savings compared to U.S. rates.
With only a few minutes away from California, our call center in Tijuana, Mèxico can guarantee no
confusion on time zones or language barriers.
  • We are a bicultural center that provides top-quality services at a fraction of the U.S. prices.
  • For more than 5 years, Bolt Contact Center has provided BPO and call center services for American companies with small and large customer bases. Our call center in Tijuana, Mèxico manages outbound and inbound calls for different industries. With our 24/7 support services and continues training we guarantee your clients will notice the difference in quality from day 1.
  • If you are looking to reduce cost without sacrificing quality then you have come across the right company!
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    No more confusion

    Service all your customers time zones
    With only a few minutes away from California, our call center in Tijuana, México is in the Pacific time zone. Morning is morning, today is today.

    No time difference – no confusion. Same language, same culture, same food, same mindset.